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Product features

Dynamic teat:

  • stimulates the child to active suckling (as during breast feeding)
  • stimulates correct breathing through the nose
  • helps the natural development of the bite
  • supports the speech development 
  • enables to combine bottle and breast feeding
  • reduces the probability of colic 

Hood/cup with scale:

Ideal for serving fruit mousse, medicine or other foods.


Do you know that...

Lovi dynamic teat and bottle, as the only ones, undergone medical testing in specialist clinics, city hospitals and clinic hospitals in Poland.


150 ml
250 ml

Set includes:

Lovi bottle 150/250 ml

silicone, dynamic Lovi teat, mini 0m+

soft sealing disc

screw cap

hood/cup with scale


Lovi - a breakthrough in bottle feeding

The only bottle in Europe, which supports the baby in active feeding. Equipped with a dynamic, silicone Lovi teat, which constantly changes its shape (extends) during feeding, adjusting to the rhythm and strength of the child’s suckling.
A patented system of inner insets based on a model of milk channels in women’s breast regulates the flow of milk as well as stimulates the baby to suckle actively at the breast.